Hi, I'm Luke

I'm a fullstack software developer with a focus on frontend and UX for web apps.

I help SaaS companies grow by crafting their software product into a tool people want to use.

I'm experienced with small teams and startups who need someone who can see the big picture and get things done when you don't yet have specalists in every role.

Luke Foster

Let's make software people can love.
  • Our software should make peoples lives better. We don't have to 'change the world', but our users' work lives should be better because they have our product.
  • If people are sitting frustrated at their computers (this happens a lot), it's probably because software makers have failed to think things through. Let's fix this.
  • Don't cut corners. Cutting corners is doing work with less quality than it should have, so we can get finished sooner. It's not worth it.
  • On the other hand, don't be a purist. There's probably a more thorough and robust way to engineer this. But if our app doesn't need that level of performance and scale then we're just wasting time and money over engineering it.

Software projects I've worked on
  • Improving the overall UX of complex accounting and business management apps, so they're easy to use while still having powerful features.
  • Building new features at all stages of the lifecycle, from handling requests, talking to users, writing stories, wireframe design, implementation from UI styling and logic to API and database, testing, getting feedback and improving.
  • Complete UI refreshes or new UIs. While I wouldn't call myself as a designer I often fill in as one, or take a design concept and apply it across the whole app.
  • Improved in-app user onboarding to increase the number of trial customers converting into paying customers and the retention of new users.
  • Making data import tools easy for users. Often spreadsheets are frustrating for users and a barrier to start using a business app, but I've built solutions which are much easier to use than the typical experience.
  • Automated SaaS subscriptions so new users can sign up with no or low touch from sales.